Editorial and Writing Projects  
  Contributed a regularly-scheduled column, authored by an IT journalist, to a computer manufacturer's Web site.
  Wrote and edited advertorial articles for IT-related magazines.
  Arranged, wrote, and edited an interview with the president of a major wireless content provider.
Strategic Communications Projects
  Developed communications concept, created service name and designed a logo for the solutions services of a computer manufacturer.
Advertising Campaigns and Strategies
  Planned and created an advertorial article for a magazine on behalf of the solutions services division of a computer manufacturer.
Custom Publishing (Small Booklets) and Promotional Tools
  Planned and produced a corporate brochure, product brochure, CD case cover design and product case studies for a computer software company.
Planned and created corporate brochure for an investment advisory company.
Planned and produced solutions services pamphlet and case studies.
Planned and created network case study brochure for a communication company
Research Projects
  Conducted an opinion survey on the penetration rate and impressions of IT-related keywords for a computer manufacturer.
Conducted an telephone interview survey among intellectuals regarding IT-related terminology and IT strategies for a computer manufacturer.
Book Publishing
  Developed and produced a book for a client, which included interviewing, writing and editing the complete manuscript.
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