Mutual agreement aimed at servicing both Japanese and U.S. clients
interested in exploring global opportunities.

Tokyo, Japan, August 12, 2004 – SoRiQ, Inc., a Tokyo-based public relations, advertising, and strategic communications company serving the Japanese IT industry, has signed an exclusive agreement with Marenghi PR, a provider of sales-focused PR and lead-generation services for technology companies, and Shoreline Research, a respected mobile and wireless industry research and consulting firm.

Under the terms of the agreement, SoRiQ will exclusively receive referrals for U.S.-based clients seeking marketing support in the Japanese market, and likewise SoRiQ will refer exclusively to the Marenghi-Shoreline team its Japanese high-technology clients seeking U.S. marketing and research services. The firms will jointly serve clients.

gShoreline and Marenghi have excellent reputations in the U.S. market and we are proud to refer this innovative team to our technology clients who are looking to expand into the U.S. market,h said Hisashi Arai, CEO, SoRiQ, Inc.

gHaving worked extensively as a journalist and analyst in the Japanese market, I am pleased to be associated with a respected Japan-based marketing firm whom we may rely upon in confidence to serve our joint clients,h said Tim Scannell, president of Shoreline Research. gSoRiQ shares our understanding of the value of strategic research as the basis for results-based marketing and sales programs.h

gThis relationship expands upon Marenghifs existing network of high-quality international agencies for technology clients that think internationally, and brings us valuable capabilities in PR, advertising and marketing in the important Japanese market,h said Catherine Marenghi, president of Marenghi PR.

Earlier this year, Marenghi PR and Shoreline joined forces to deliver the first research-based marketing program that integrates highly targeted solution-based research with focused marketing initiatives – to fuel sales. The turnkey program, called AdventEDGE, is targeted at mobile and wireless industry clients, leveraging Shorelinefs wireless

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industry expertise and Marenghi PRfs client experience. The packaged service offering rests on a base of custom research – led by industry analysts, not marketers – which is leveraged to build marketing programs tailored to each clientfs unique sales and marketing objectives.

About SoRiQ
Based in Tokyo, SoRiQ is a high-technology public relations and strategic communications company that specializes in planning and producing promotional campaigns for our clients that include editorial articles, advertising material and sales promotional literature for the Japanese IT industry. More information is available at

Abou Shoreline Research
Shoreline Research is a consulting collaborative and strategic marketing and development company that brings together gbest of breedh experts in research, analysis, marketing, editorial services, and product positioning. Based in Quincy, Mass., the firm focuses on emerging mobile and wireless technologies and mobile solutions, including ghighly mobileh and personal systems, such as wireless telephones, communicators and converged technology devices. More information may be found at

About Marenghi PR
Founded in 1992, Marenghi PR helps technology-driven companies fuel sales through lead generation, customized research and sales-focused PR programs. Its clients have included both established players and emerging startups in software, services, wireless/telecom, industry research, and media companies, including Boston Communications Group, Inc., Concerto Software, Inc., Demantra, Inc., and Computerworld. Further information is available at

Contact: Erin Keefe, Marenghi PR,, (781) 915-5009;
Ichiro Sayama, SoRiQ (U.S.),, (310) 388-1010
Tim Scannell, Shoreline Research,, (617) 471-2486

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